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Hi, I'm Kathryn


Kathryn went from being a groundskeeper at UC Berkeley to rebuilding a 30,000- member blue-collar union and being elected President of the California Labor Federation. 

Kathryn has led historic victories - higher minimum wages, overtime pay for farmworkers, equal pay for women, and lower prescription drug costs.


“I represent a union of service workers - women and men who wear hospital scrubs and work gloves.  We keep the 10 University of California campuses and 5 medical centers running and take care of millions of Californians every year.”


As President of the California Labor Federation, which represents over 2.1 million workers in 1,200 locals across the state, Kathryn has pushed California to be a leader on essential bread and butter issues. 


In the State Senate, Kathryn will build more affordable housing, clean energy infrastructure, and invest in workforce development. 


And as she campaigns for the State Senate, Kathryn will lead statewide ballot campaigns to extend basic labor standards, protect organizing rights for working people, and remove the ban on marriage equality from California’s Constitution.  


Kathryn and her wife have lived in Berkeley for the past 23 years where their children attended public schools.

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