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Kathryn On the Issues

“All women should get equal pay for equal work. I’m leading the campaign to guarantee it in California's Constitution. Join me!"


- Kathryn


My wife is a public school special ed teacher.  We raised a son and a daughter who both chose college.  There are high quality union jobs in the crafts and trades that are often a better option. I lead a union of working-class people. In the State Senate, I will lead California to prepare young people for blue-collar jobs that should be great jobs.


A co-worker’s son had cancer.  When our union went on strike, UC threatened to end his son’s health care coverage if we didn’t all come back to work. I made employer threats like that illegal. While the ACA and Covered California are real progress, there is no reason - other than greed - that California can’t lead the nation in lowering the cost of prescription drugs.  I’ve won better health care for thousands of working families.


California’s crushing housing affordability crisis is pushing working families out of their communities, stifling the economic mobility of those who can stay, and pushing people onto the streets. There are solutions to this. For starters, we can preserve the affordable housing we have. We can build more affordable homes with strong safety standards and labor protections. We can strengthen rent-gouging laws and increase protections from unfair evictions.


In 2022, California voters made reproductive freedom a state constitutional right. Now, I’m leading the 2024 statewide ballot campaigns to extend basic labor standards, protect organizing rights for working people, and remove the ban on marriage equality from California’s Constitution. 


Yes, I ride a bike whenever and wherever I can.  But addressing the catastrophe of climate change demands much more.  We must reach a 100% renewable energy goal.  As a mother of two Gen Zs, I am a strong advocate for replacing death-of-the-planet jobs with low-carbon-high-wage jobs that support our families and futures.


California is making some progress transforming the justice system to prioritize communities and prevent harm -- but we’re not done.  California must enact public safety solutions rooted in good jobs and crime prevention, community health, rehabilitation, and support for crime victims. Funding for violence intervention, youth employment and mentoring, victim support and trauma recovery -- real public safety for all.

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